About Us

Bioserve India is the prime resource for Primer synthesis, DNA sequencing related services, utilizing the Sanger platforms, Next Generation sequencing services and Bioinformatics services for many of the top life science industries; research organizations and academic research institutions across India covering more than 6000 customers. Spread over 11000 square feet of area, Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and technological platforms, Bioserve India is ISO 9001:2015 certified with DSIR recognition since 2005.

Bioserve was recently acquired by ReproCELL Inc, Japan and is poised to expand its services to the Stem cell research components of the life sciences and drug discovery research and clinical markets, utilizing the Stem cell biology expertise of Nobel Prize-winning scientists at ReproCELL Japan. Bioserve’s has also partnered with ReproCELL USA enables it to provide molecularly annotated biospecimens for pre-clinical and molecular research the Pharmaceutical and clinical research community.

Bioserve’s goal is to provide the global scientific research community access to services which enable the highest levels of research and development in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Spread over 11000 square feet of area.  The Bioserve laboratories are planned to fulfill global requirements for research needs. Our allies include other Reprocell bodies in Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom. We employ the new development tools such as Illumina, Bioautomation and Thermofisher Scientific. We have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with the latest Sequencing platforms such as Ion-Torrent, Illumina NextSeq 500 Technology.

Our excellent team of competent, professional, and committed scientists and field personnel put together an optimal blend of molecular biology experts, bioinformaticians, laboratory workers, pathologists, and support staff. tWe focus on fulfilling the most demanding and detailed customer requirements in the fields of Oligonucleotide Synthesis, DNA Sequencing, Genotyping / SNP analysis, Next Generation Sequencing & Bioinformatics. We are an industry-leading research partner, focused on supplying consumers around the globe with the highest consumer service. They should also remain the greatest of knowledge , training, productivity and creativity.

Our Customers

Our focus is always on our customers. We maintain close contact with all our clients as an essential part of our services and we ensure a customer experience that ranks among the best.  The long-standing experience of Bioserve India creates a unique alliance with limitless potential for customers around the world. Our goal is to continue to lead the industry and to always be the best in training, experience, and efficiency as an innovative research service organization. Consider us your science collaborators.

Why Work with Us?


The very foundation of everything that we do, every decision we make:

  • Do the right thing, always
  • Treat our teams, clients and partners with respect
  • Follow the rules, laws, ethics in letter and in spirit

Customer is our true North:

  • Customer-driven policy, customer is why we are here
  • Customers’ delight and exceeding customer expectations power our success
  • Cost control and rigorous financial metrics

Together everyone achieves more:

  • Sharing of knowledge and work together
  • Interconnectivity of local and global teams
  • True spirit of collaboration with partners and clients

Invent, disrupt, discover, improve, think out of the box and differentiate:

  • New ideas, products and services
  • Explore and identify hidden customer needs
  • Take on the toughest problems and challenges

A unique can-do attitude, with the energy and grit to go the extra mile:

  • Perform with passion—for our customers, partners and each other
  • Empower teams to do whatever it takes to help our customers succeed
  • Apply passion to solve, execute and succeed

We stand for world-class quality:

  • Understand quality requirements, legal, regulatory and ethical
  • Constantly improve on the established quality norms
  • Share feedback that can make us a better, stronger, abler company
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