Oligonucleotide Synthesis
  • DNA Oligos

Oligonucleotides are tiny, single-stranded nucleic acid polymers. Depending on their intended usage, oligos may be unmodified or modified with a variety of chemicals, such as inserting 5′ or 3′ phosphate groups to enable ligation or block extension, or labelling with radionucleotides or fluorophores and/or quenchers for usage as probes, introducing thiol, amino, or other reactive moieties to allow the covalent coupling of functional molecules such as enzymes and extension with other connectors and spacers of various functionalities.

Long Mer® DNA Oligonucleotides

Long, high-quality Oligos are needed by demanding applications su...

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NGS Grade® DNA Oligos

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Modified DNA Oligos

Universal Primer

Universal primers are complementary to nucleotide sequences used for the amplification of a very ...

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