Bioserve provides statistical and bioinformatic data analysis services that help convert the raw data in biologically meaningful and interpretable data by Next Generation sequencing and genotypic experiments. Our bioinformatic staff consists of PhD-level scientist and postgraduates who are well trained in bioinformatics, biology, and statistics. The software infrastructure for analysis… Read more
Oligo Design

Custom Primer Design

We offer a primer design service which makes for simple PCR applications. Primers can also be designed for advanced applications like qPCR, Real-Time PCR, Sequencing, etc. We also offer our services in developing and optimizing primers for use in diagnostics applications. In silico primer design saves time, effort, and money and prevents complications or even failures experiments. Well-designed primers are the foundation for success. We assure high specificity and minimized primer-dimer formation. This is achieved with the use of both our in-house software routines and established public and private software tools.

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