Automated DNA sequencing is normally one of the most common and robust techniques performed. Bioserve’s DNA sequencing service has been designed for rapid delivery and great value. Our valued customers can download sequence data within a week of their samples being received. With over 15 years of experience in Sanger… Read more
Plasmid/PCR Seq Services

Our single-read services enable routine sequencing of plasmids, PCR products.

Rapid turn around time

Sequencing results are delivered within 3-4 working days from receipt of your samples.

Sample Type

Samples can be sent as clones, un-purified PCR products and PCR purified products

Flexible sample submission

Accept samples submitted in different tube formats: 1.5ml tubes, strip tubes and 96-well plates

Sample Concentration and Volume

Plasmid- 100ng-500ng/ul.PCR- 40ng-100ng/ul. Volume should be minimum 10ul for two reactions.

Primer Volume/Concentration

Primer volume should be minimum of 10ul with 5pm/10pm concenatrtion

Report Format

Raw Chromatogram File(.abi file) Upon request we provide FASTA formats and PDF formats to customers.

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