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Primer Walking

Primer walking is a sequencing method of choice for sequencing DNA fragments between 1.3 and 7 kilobases. Such fragments are too long to be sequenced in a single sequence read using the chain termination method. This method works by dividing the long sequence into several consecutive short ones.

Rapid turn around time

Primer walking is the consecutive design of new primers to extend into unknown sequence. It takes ~4 days for each primer "step". The longer you need to "walk", obviously the longer this process will take. For just a few kb, this is the best method.

Sample type

Plasmid DNA sample

Flexible sample submission

Accept samples in 1.5ml tubes

Sample concentration and volume

100ng-500ng/ul. Volume should be around 20ul.

Report format

Raw Chromatogram File(.abi file) Upon request we provide FASTA formats and PDF formatsto customers.

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