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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss is reported to be approximately 1-2% and of which 2-5% is contributed by Genetic defects. Genetic cause behind recurrent pregnancy loss can be identified by testing the Product of Conception using Chromosomal Microarray, QFPCR and Karyotyping and this in turn helps the physicians to develop a plan to support a future successful pregnancy.

QFPCR PLUS: Tests for chromosomal abnormalities in Chromosome 13,15, 16, 18,21,22 and Sex chromosomes and test for Triploidy.

Low Resolution Microarray: Test for chromosomal abnormalities in 23 pairs of chromosomes, detects smaller deletions and duplications, mosaicism, and Loss of Heterozygosity.

Karyotyping: Test for chromosomal abnormalities in 23 pairs of chromosomes and detects balanced structural changes in the chromosome like translocations and inversions.

In addition to the testing of POC the parental karyotyping is also done to check for balanced translocations in parents because around 5% of couples with RPL are known to be carriers of Robertsonian translocations and balanced reciprocal translocations. 

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