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Bioserve’s DNA sequencing service has been designed for rapid delivery and great value. Our valued customers can download sequence data within a week of their samples being received. Our dedicated team of professionally trained experienced scientists use state-of-the-art instruments to provide an exceptionally reliable service that meets all your DNA sequencing needs. You can rely on us to produce high-quality results in the best possible time.


Oligo Synthesis

Bioserve India, A part of the Reprocell group of companies is the pioneer for Oligonucleotide synthesis in India. Since its inception, Bioserve delivers the highest quality products to match the researcher’s needs. We offer a complete line of custom Oligonucleotide synthesis and purification services based on customer requirements. We facilitate the synthesis of Oligonucleotides with the help of High-throughput automated machines.

Note : –  Please fill the Excel sheet for Oligos.


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