Biomarker Testing in Cancer

Biomarkers are genes, proteins, and other substances which can provide information about an individual’s cancer as each person has a unique pattern of biomarkers. They are also known as tumor markers. Some are cancer specific, whereas others may be associated with different cancer types. Some biomarkers provide diagnosis, some prognosis and some affect how certain cancer treatments work. Many different tumor markers have been characterized and are in clinical use.

Commonly tested Cancer Biomarkers with Prognostic/Predictive importance

Who needs this test?

Treating oncologists may refer patients to develop treatment strategies that target, specific tumour genome mutations, allow follow up of disease and understand the appropriateness of future second line treatments

Why Bioserve - REPROCELL India?

  • Clinically relevant improvements and their interpretations and links to drug efficacy.
  • Recommendations for targeted therapies or possible resistance mechanisms, and the prognosis and current clinical trials.
  • High precision reporting with accuracy by ensuring all the quality requirements.
  • Quicker Turnaround time, Competitive pricing and detailed clinical interpretations and links to drug response/efficacy wherever possible.
  • The test has been validated in house and offers coverage range of 500-1000X.

Our Other Panels!

We offer several cancer panels depending upon the needs of the Oncologists, these include..

BRCA 1/2 Gene Testing

BRCA panel for testing mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes

Lung RNA Fusion Panel

Lung RNA fusion panel for detecting gene fusions in major driver genes

BRCA Extended Panel

Profiling of 15 genes associated with hereditary Breast and Ovarian cancer, pancreatic and prostate cancer

Hereditary Cancers panel

Profiling of >140 genes associated with inherited cancers